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Welcome to RBFocus, the store of astronomical products designed by and for astrophotographers.


The best shopping experience

Our name is RB-Focus and we are not just another company, we are astrophotographers and our mission is to find solutions for you who surely if you have reached this page are also Astrophotographers. We manufacture products using the best quality, technology, and engineering to solve common problems in this hobby in the simplest way. 


We believe in both manufacturing in Spain and in the artisanal production of products. We also believe that the basis of any functional product is post-sales assistance, which is why we are willing to help configure the equipment of our brand at no cost and make personalized remote sessions to adjust the necessary parameters.


Our virtual store is synonymous with quality, which is why we guarantee you have the widest variety of merchandise as well as temporary or limited edition products that adapt to any budget. Take a look and start shopping today.

Contact us

Reinaldo Borges, PO Box # 50, Madrid, España.

+34 676-51-07-90

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